This collection has three categories:- tactical boots, combat boots and formal Oxford shoes. Each category have special specifications such as Vibram soles and Gore-Tex which play a huge part in improving your agility and balance in any activity you perform.

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Yikodeen™ White Leather...

Yikodeen™ White Leather...


Yikodeen™ Men's White Leather Oxford Shoes are the definition of class, comfort, and durability. With their signature white design you are sure to stand out, and we think you like it that way.

Men's Yikodeen ™ Black High...

Men's Yikodeen ™ Black High...


This footwear also features cushioned inserts can be taken out for cleaning or for personalized comfort. By caring for inserts, they retain their cushioning ability longer.  

When you put on Yikodeen ™ Black High Gloss Oxford Shoes, you’ll know what we’re talking about. So go ahead and order your pair.